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DOUGLAS SICLARI Owner and Founder of Siclari Studio of Art and Design
THE MEAT AND POTATOES I am a computer animator and a multimedia artist (Bachelors) trained at the Art Institute of Atlanta, as well as a drafter and designer with an emphasis on residential design (Associates). It has been my joy to work with clients from all over the world in projects which involve both the digital medium as well as the traditional mediums such as canvas, pen in paper, and Bristol Board with ink. From both my eduction as well as my life experience, networking, freelancing, and various acquaintances from around the globe, I have acquired a diverse set of skills in creativity and artistry not limited by the boundaries of where I reside.
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"Art is more than scribbling with a stylus or sketching with a pen, it is an outward expression of the creativity that the person holds within" THE ARTIST AND THE ART When it comes to art and artistry, I believe that the two go hand in hand. You cannot do well as an artist (graphic artist, illustrator, or drafting artist) if you do not have the drive to present a high level of artistry in your work. My philosophy is that in everything which you or I do, it should be done with our best efforts. I do hope that you will see this reflected in my artwork. Whether I am working on a professional project or working on a personal project, the same level of dedication, attention to detail, creativity, and skill is used. WHY I LOVE BEING AN ARTIST Ever since I was little, I enjoyed drawing. Come by my studio and you will see draws and shelves filled with sketchbooks, paintings all over the walls, books on drawing and anatomy, and various character sheets. Art to me is more than a career option, it is a great part of my life. I love being an artist as there are really no boundaries of what can be done. You have a level of freedom which is not available in other jobs, you get to work your creative as well as your technical skills, and you get paid to do it. There are few joys in life which compare.